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Monday, May 1, 2017

Lip Tone Get It Tints:
Indeed Incredibly Long-Lasting!

Besides BB creams, CC creams and Cushion Compacts, Lip Tints (or Stains, Inks, Tattoos even) are still one of the most prominent K-Beauty trends - and the ones I definitely love most. Time to try what is marveled upon as the strongest, most long-lasting tint ever: Lip Tone Get it Tints!

I recently bought Tony Moly’s Liptone Get it Tint in their only boutique in Singapore and picked up Liptone Get it Tint HD during a trip to Seoul. I know I write a lot about Tony Moly products, I'm not sponsored or affiliated in anyway, but Tony Moly: you know where to find me! Whenever I’m about to try a product, I also have a look at other online reviews, but this time the online information from blogs on the Liptones seems rather limited.

On YouTube there's quite a lot of vlogs featuring the Liptones to be found, even a commercial (with Vietnamese subtitles). I'm really curious what's being said, as this very girly product is being advertised by teenage boys!!! I would guess something about lasting all the way through kissing, but I have to remind myself I'm not in Europe anymore and Asian commercials tend to avoid any topic that can possible be offensive to anyone, resulting in very very dull content. Anyway, if anyone knows what's being said, let me know.

Both product types (i.e. the ‘normal’ and the HD one) come in several different colors and the quirky reference to Pantone, both in the product name and packaging, is something different, pretty cool. The Liptones can be used for a full lip or gradient look, the latter has been trending in Asia for a while now but make me look like a full retard– in fact, I believe this style looks ridiculous on anyone, unless you’re a Korean schoolgirl or a pale, waify 15 year old catwalk model. So full lips it will be for the test.

Tony Moly - Liptone Get It Tint (02 Coral Ming)

Supposedly, Tony Moly's Liptone Get It Tint is a superbly pigmented formula ‘that glides on your lips with a lovely shine, staying put on your lips throughout the day.’ Long-lasting lip products can make your lips really dry and naturally my lips already tend to be very dry. Good thing this product promises that ‘these milky tints don't just make your lips look great but prevent them from drying out and getting chapped too.’ Awesome.

Liptone Get It Tint is available in the colors Pink Ming, Coral Ming, Play Orange, Red Hot, All Night Red and Dark Night – the last one is actually pretty daring for innocent Korean schoolgirls. I’m testing Coral Ming, a coral-rose color.

The packaging is sleek and simple and the bottle looks like nail polish until you actually open it and a lipgloss-type applicator appears instead of a nail polish brush. Application goes smooth and easy, the texture indeed feels light and comfortable. The product is quite heavy scented and reminds me of raspberry, it even tastes really sweet, Upon application on my lips, this color appears to be actually much more a raspberry pink than coral. So far I like it though.

I wore it on a night out and it last seriously long (up to 8 hours) and without drying!!! LOVE! I love it that it doesn't transfer to your drinking glass either. As said, the color is more pink than I'd hoped for, but other than that it's an amazing product I'd recommend to anyone

Liptone Get it Tint, 02 Coral Ming
Price: 20 SGD
Aivailable at Tony Moly Boutiques, through Althea and several other webshops.

Tony Moly - Liptone Get It Tint HD (05 Cotton Rose)

The HD version of the Liptone Get it Tint was launched after the original, main difference being a formula infused with natural plant oils that delivers intense hydration and leaves behind a juicy sheen.  And ‘a special recipe of HD pigments’, which makes the product sound very scientifically advanced, at least to me; I immediately envision clever Korean lab doctors working passionately and deeply concentrated on a big bubbling and boiling lab pot of pigments. The product promises a pout that's both vivid and long-lasting so you won't have to reapply a million times a day. Sounds awesome too.

Liptone Get It Tint HD is available in the colors Cartoon Coral, Peach Punch, Kiss Kiss, Cotton Rose,  Edge Orange, Red Chili and Red Light, and as a Care Top Coat. I’m testing Cotton Rose, which is funny enough very coral (as opposed to the above mentioned Coral Rose).  
It’s hard to capture in a picture, but the swatches on my hand indeed show that there’s more of a sheen to the HD Lip Tint. 

The more oily Lip Tone Get it HD on the left - more sheen.

This color is more true to its first impression; coral. In real life is a bit less bright than it looks on my lips in the picture, more like the swatch below.   

Just like the other Lip Tone Get it tint, I wore this one on a night out (luckily there's enough parties in Singapore for me to use as an excuse to test out makeup :)) and the effect is similar; the oily shine doesn't necessarily last that long, although this color is less sheer than the other which was a bit more fluid, but overall the product lasts seriously long. Can't wait to try more colors!

Liptone Get it Tint HD, 05 Cotton Rose
Price: 20 SGD
Aivailable at Tony Moly Boutiques, through Althea and several other webshops.

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