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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners

In the almost 2 years that I’ve been living in Singapore, I’ve been blown away again and again by Asian cosmetics brands, in particular makeup and more specifically lip products and mascara. Just about everything seems to be better about makeup at this side of the ocean: innovative products, eye-catching design & packaging, amazing textures, long lasting quality and friendly prices. One product type I haven’t tried yet is liquid eyeliner, as I’ve been pretty pleased with Lancome’s Artliner for over a decade now. I’m curious though whether within this category too, Asian brands will kick my favorite Western liquid eyeliner out of my Holy Makeup Essentials Pouch. I have pouches and pouches full of makeup, but only one special pouch for the winning can't do without essentials - and spots aren't easily given away...

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