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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Feeling Absolutely Reborn with Traditional Chinese Magic Mushrooms:
Soo Beaute's Oriental Herbal Essence "Ganoderma-Ginseng Mask"

What’s that strange, knobly brown fungus that is displayed on all kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pills, powders and beauty products, that was traditionally considered to be among the most valuable possessions a new bride could bring into a marriage in ancient China? Personally I think it looks like some sort of alien brains, but nevertheless I put this TCM allstar to the test with Soo Beaute’s Oriental Herbal Essence “Ganoderma-Ginseng Mask”.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Forget the Merlion Key Chains & Nonya Kaya: Cool Asian Beauty Gifts to Bring Back Home during Summer Holidays

Almost summer holidays, meaning a massive migration amongst expats in Singapore that are going home to Europe, the US, Australia or elsewhere outside of Asia. Anticipating on this migration, I find myself picking up increasing amounts of local gifts to bring back home for friends and family. During past visits I already brought back silk kimono’s, chopsticks, all kinds of merchandise with “Can Lah” and local delicacies such as Nonya Kaya. This time I decided to delight the people at home with something more inspiring than another Merlion keychain or Orchid fridge magnet, and -more importantly- stuff that I love myself: Asian Beauty Products. Anything from kawaii cute to Chinese Traditional Medicine weird (from a Western point of view, that is) – find out below what I will bring back home this year!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Attempts to Weekend Pampering with Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads

Slices of cucumber to soothe the skin around your eyes are a true beauty classic - the only disadvantage is that you need to lie down dead still to keep the slippery slices from sliding off your face. In line with Asia’s sheet masks obsession, I came across some Cooling Cucumber Pads with the same benefits for your skin as the real ones but without the mess I suspect... 

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