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Thursday, February 25, 2016

About How Water Dries Out Your Skin
& My Favourite Body Lotion

Water has amazing skin benefits – that is, internally. Externally the opposite applies, as water strips our skin from its natural oils causing dryness. In an environment like the tropics in which your skin’s exposure to water typically increases (more frequent showers, the luxury of a swimming pool at hand), necessary measures need to be taken and a good moisturizing body lotion is key to keep your skin in good condition. My favourite of the moment: Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion. Apart from doing what it should do (restoring the skin’s moisture balance) in a very substantial way and with a pleasant scent, it “doesn’t cost the earth” as the product is carbon neutral. Win-win!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Asian Ingredients Discovered: Horse Oil

Of all Asian Ingredients that I am putting to the test, this is the ingredient I dread most to try: Horse Oil. The name itself already makes me shiver - suddenly Bird’s Nest and Pig Placenta don’t seem so bad anymore... 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sunscreen in your Makeup Routine – Favourite sunblocks that don’t feel thick and sticky

We all know the sun is strong in the tropics - did you know the UV Index scale goes from 1 to 11+, and that the sun in Singapore reaches a UV level of 13 (!!!) on a daily basis?! Meaning that we basically fall off the UV scale. We also know we SHOULD wear a sunblock. But the prejudice about sunblock is still that these types of products are sticky, chalky and make your skin feel oily. And unfortunately a lot of them are - but thankfully not all. There are great products around to include in your daily beauty routine, whether this is to layer the sunblock under a heavy layer of makeup or au naturelThis article starts with some 'Sun 101' knowledge to continue with 'Suncare 101', to arrive at the Grande Finale of the best sunblocks available. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Added to Lashes in the Lush: Salon Tips!

As I am in serious need of a haircut (and highlights and a keratin treatment and... and... and...etc) myself, I decided to speed up the process of listing Hair Salons in Singapore that I've heard others recommend. More addresses will follow asap - I will also start adding Nail Salons so stay tuned!

You can find the list including contact details and price indication in the menu of my blog under 'Salon Tips'.

For now, have a good weekend with a fab coiffe!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Popular in Asia - Bzzzzzz…Beetox!
Beauty Benefits of Bee Venom

“Let’s get stung by a bee” – no one ever said. Purified bee venom in skincare however has proven to be a very popular anti-aging treatment in Korea and surrounding Asian countries for years now. In Western cosmetics, the buzz around this bizarre-sounding substance started with the wedding day of Kate Middleton...
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