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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not just any After-Sun Gel, Balm, Cream,
Spray or Lotion will do!

For a region with such an abundance in suncare products, remarkably little variety in after-sun products seems to be available. This could be explained by the fact that most products available are sun protection products, implying that the locals’ approach of hefty sun block coating works against the horror of anything that remotely resembles a tan. Add the near-religious sun-avoidance with UV-blocking umbrella’s and visors to that and a society lacking any need for after-sun products is born. But then there’s the expats, like me, that after almost 2 years of living in Singapore still tend to forget that the sun burns hard around the equator. And that one must always use a sun block, even when it’s just for a 5 minute walk to the supermarket somewhere mid-day. Find out how to cool down sunburns quickly, how a product that is labelled ‘after-sun’ is sometimes misleading and what products to use instead for effective sunburn relieve.

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