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Monday, February 20, 2017

Removing the most Waterproof Mascara
with Japanese ‘Heroine Make’ Mascara Remover

A good waterproof mascara is key to survive the tropics looking good. Not because of the heat or humidity (smudging mascara due to the climate is an entirely different topic), but because of the many tropical rain showers that typically break loose the exact moment you walk home from the MRT after a long day of work. Or from the nail bar, in case you don’t work (just kidding). But also more pleasurable moments like a lazy poolside Sunday or –so spoiled- the fifth time you spend a weekend at the beach in Bali this year. The downside of waterproof mascara is however the difficulty to remove it without irritating your eyes or damaging your lashes. Although there are many waterproof eye makeup removers available, these typically still involve some rubbing and tend to leave the eyes oily and sticky. Japanese superhero makeup brand “Heroine Make” has a special mascara remover that promises to remover stubborn mascara without rubbing…

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