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Monday, December 12, 2016

TriSwim Body Wash - Designed for Spoiled Expats Like Me, Spending Too Much Time in Infinity Pools & Turquoise Seas

One of the luxuries of living in the tropics is the fact that most of us have (direct access to) a swimming pool. The downside of increased exposure to pool water are the negative effects that water and chlorine have on the condition of our skin and hair. I’m therefore testing whether a shower gel that is especially designed to wash-off chlorine and sea water works or is just a marketing trick...

Last February I wrote about how water strips our skin from its natural oils, causing dryness: water evaporates when it comes in contact with the skin externally, and when it does it takes the skin's natural oils with it (read my post here). Chlorine also strips the skin from its natural oils; it not only kills the bad bacteria that can make us sick, but it also kills good bacteria on which our skin relies. This can result in skin irritations like itchy or flaky skin, eczema and rashes. Fortunately, chlorine generally has very little effect on our skin in the amounts that it is present in a swimming pool. Whereas people with a very sensitive skin might react to even the smallest presence of chlorine, but most people will not, unless they are professional swimmers that spend several hours a day in a pool.

I use our swimming pool around 2-3 times a week, and don’t have much issues with chlorine except for my skin feeling drier the more often I swim. I’ve always used a regular shower gel to wash-off and a regular body lotion to restore my skin's moisture balance after swimming. This routine seemed sufficient to me. But when I came across a shower gel especially designed for swimmers, I started to doubt my habits - and the condition of my skin.

TriSwim Body Wash promises to gently remove Chlorine, odor & salt water. I never had any issues with chlorine odor after I showered, but the statement about removing chlorine got me wondering whether the chlorine is actually properly and fully removed from my skin by my habitual post-swim bathing routine. A quick round of online research (MD and Dermatologist advice) tells me that as long as I shower right away after swimming, a mild soap should be sufficient, unless your skin is incredibly sensitive to chlorine. The only sources that advice anti-chlorine products to everyone after or before swimming are the websites selling these sprays, gels and creams.

Putting TriSwim Body Wash to the Pool & Sea Test

TriSwim Body Wash promises the following:

TriSwim Body Wash is for everyone who loves to swim but dislikes the negative effects Chlorine and salt water have on the skin. TriSwim’s innovative and invigorating light citrus-scented Body Wash formula gently removes Chlorine, salt water and chlorine odor while moisturizing the skin. TriSwim contains organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. 

First of all, this shower gel won’t win a price for package design, which is a pity because I tend to like a product better if it looks nice (I’m pretty superficial when it comes to that, I admit). But then again, neither is the average shower gel in Singapore, that in general reminds me most of anti-bacterial dish washing liquids.

Your Average Singapore Shower Gel: Can you find the dish washing liquid?

To test and compare the product, I used TriSwim Body Wash twice after swimming in the pool to get rid of chlorine and twice after swimming in the sea (luckily I was in Australia this month, I don't dare to swim in the filthy Singapore sea...) to get rid of salt, as these are the main product promises of the Body Wash.

Thank you Australia, for making this product review possible

The Body Wash itself is chlorine green, has a fluid gel-like texture and is very citrus-scented, especially when you stick your nose directly into the product. Invigorating? Pretty much, but also with a hint of (yup) dish washing liquid. When you lather up the product with water, I must say the scent actually is pretty invigorating. Very fresh in a subtle and pleasant way and makes you feel squeaky clean!

Overall, results are good for this product:

Feel (mental): I feel soooooooo fresh and clean!!!
Feel (physical): Smooth, clean skin
Look: No difference
Smell: No scent of the Body Wash remains lingering on my skin, but neither a smell of chlorine or salt/dirt from the sea water.

In both scenarios, I felt incredibly fresh and clean from head to toe - even more so after I went swimming in the sea because this always makes me feel so incredibly gross and sticky (no matter how pristine turquoise the water is), all glued up in a layer of salt, sand, dirt and sunscreen. I'll definitely keep using the product, especially because I'm curious if I will actually start SEEing a difference on the longer term, i.e. no more dull looking skin after swimming. But so far, worth it!

TriSwim Body Wash, 9 fl oz. / 266ml
Price: 19,90 SGD
Available through Redmart

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